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Day July 23, 2007

Yes, another Social Network Blog

The growth of Social Networking in the last year has fascinated me – and completely sucked me in. I had had a LiveJournal, signed up for MySpace but never participated, maintained my LinkedIn profile – nothing big. Then came Twitter. Everything changed – Twitter, then Jaiku, then a Tumblr, Facebook to start, WordPress, Virb, Bebo, And more. More and more. Now I’ve added Pownce and Spock (I do love my betas…) – but I’m editing. Twitter (always), Pownce and Facebook are my constants.

Especially Facebook – I’m a marketer and NOTHING in the last few years has had me so excited than the last 10 weeks and the explosion of the Facebook platform. So I’m enjoying all of the coverage – and there’s been a ton of it.

A few of my favorite links (lately):

Marc Andreessen – Analyzing the Facebook Platform, Three Weeks In

ReadWriteWeb – Is Facebook Worth The Hype? ( See also Weekly Wrapup, 16-20 July 2007 for all their coverage)

Mashable – iLike Sees Exponential Growth with Facebook App

And the most vocal Facebook supporter – Robert Scoble – Scobeizer has fed my Social Networking/Facebook frenzy almost every day with fresh perspective.

So I’ll be blogging, linking and analyzing on all aspects of my (and others) experience.

Feel free to participate!