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Day July 26, 2007

Social Networking for Business

One of the things that I’m trying to focus on within the Social Networking space right now is its business application. How will business adapt social networking’s potential?

I’m so excited about this new service from NewsGator Technologies, Inc. NewsGator owns NetNewsWire which is my newsreader and one of my “Can’t Live Without” apps. It’s a build-your-own-widget for use on Facebook, blogs, etc.

I decided to build my own and see how easy it is. It’s a three-step process:
1st step – Figure out your feeds
2nd step – Design – pick your layouts and colors
3rd Step – cut and paste your code and it’s finshed!

See it under my Twitter Posts (on the rightside)!

There’s a gallery of existing widgets here (Love Shark Week!).

They are also hosting “Widgets and the Future of Advertising” – a webinar on August 1st at 2pm EDT. I’m really looking forward to this and inviting any and all that I feel have any interests in Social Networks.

With so many companies starting networks (as well as opening their platforms…), monetizing these networks is becoming a necessary (evil?) focus.