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Day July 27, 2007

Epicenter – Wired Blogs

This is a Wired Magazine Throwdown, y’all!
Second Life and other metaverses started a marketing frenzy in some of the well-established brands, like Coke, IBM (who’s the model of Second Life adaption) and Starwood Hotels (I have a SL conference center for companies to be able to explore a SL event without investing in their own space). Here’s a link to a debate going on right now on Wired’s Blog about whether the facts in the original article, “How Madison Avenue is Wasting Millions in a deserted Second Life” are right.

Epicenter – Wired Blogs: ”

Zinger of a debate over biz in Second Life
By Nicholas Thompson July 27, 2007 | 8:27:46 AMCategories: advertising
Frank Rose has a sharp article in the current Wired: How Madison Avenue is wasting millions in a deserted Second Life, which Second Life reporter Wagner James Au didn’t much like. Rose however has now responded. The debate’s feisty, and quite interesting.

There’s also a good Valleywag’s post comparing Rose’s piece to another one in Newsweek.

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Inside Facebook » Search, Discovery, and Facebook

As I stated – I’m looking forward to seeing the moetization of the Facebook Platform – when and if it can b e done. Below is an article posted today on Inside Facebook discussing the interesting focus of social recommendation and the platform.

Inside Facebook » Search, Discovery, and Facebook: “Inside Facebook
Tracking the latest Facebook news and apps

Search, Discovery, and Facebook July 27th, 2007

There’s a lot of buzz around the internet about whether Facebook is going to start an ad network to monetize its application platform. Lookery, SocialMedia, and a few others are certainly betting that there’s a market for such a network. In the view of many, the holy grail is of course an in-Facebook network which uses Facebook’s demographic data to target users. An advertiser could then say, ‘I want to serve my ads to 18-24 year-olds who like sports,’ for example. (Click the link for more)

(Via Inside Facebook.)


I’m posting this entry from BuzzMachine about a Facebook developer’s gathering. What exciting is that this platform is only 45 days old and look at it’s growth rate!

Today, I’m taking at look at 30Boxes FBexchange (a Facebook ad network?) and am upgrading my NewsGator widget account to play with more customization.
(Also – new poll to the right….)

Faceboom: “

I went to a Facebook developers’ hackathon last night at Thumbplay in New York. I wasn’t the invited participant. Son Jake was. I was merely the chauffeur. Nonetheless, it was a nonvirtual Facebook for me, for I found all sorts of friends there: developer colleague, show-biz pal, investment guy, political geek. Everybody’s into Facebook.

(Via BuzzMachine.)