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Day July 29, 2007

Everone’s Doing It – Christopher Walken Cooking on a Social Network!

From I’m Cooked

(via Divers Alarums)

“Amateur video of one of the coolest dudes alive roasting a chicken and pears. Christopher has always been vocal about his love of cooking. Watch him take the term “celebrity chef” to a new level.”

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What Twitter is (Scripting News)

Best definition I read so far – when anyone asks me from now on, I’m sending this!

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What Twitter is

Friday, July 27, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Congrats to the lead investors, Union Square Ventures and the angels, and the entrepreneurs.  

I’ve been reading various posts and comments, and see a thread that’s still out there. People doubt that there’s a way to make money with Twitter. To that I say, they haven’t been reading this blog.  

Now seems like a good time to pause and review what Twitter is. 

(Via Dave Winer.)

How big of a Time Waster is Social Networking?

The big ban on employees accessing Facebook at NevilleHobson.com: “Earlier this month, in FIR #254, Shel and I discussed quite an interesting story of what one company did regarding employee access to and use of Facebook.

That story, of the law firm Allen and Overy’s Facebook U-turn, is a good example of how a company listened to employees and enabled them to conditionally use the social networking site.”

The easy answer to this is that, YES! Social Networks waste time – and in many cases that’s right and justified. Let’s remember the networking part. Not only am I LinkdIn, but my Facebook and Twitter are raising my profile throughout my space – I’m getting asked to give talks at conferences, beta-test more services/software and even guest-blog. And I wish I had more time to do any of it – but I’m at the office…

BTW – Americans spend more time at work than our bretheren in Europe, Japan and China. A few minutes for updates here and there should be ok.

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techPresident %u2013 Candidate Noshows at BlogHer: Obama, Giuliani, Richardson, McCain, Thompson, Romney…

techPresident %u2013 Candidate Noshows at BlogHer: Obama, Giuliani, Richardson, McCain, Thompson, Romney…: “”

So incredibly stupid, one of the largest congregations of bloggers this year – ignored.

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Book Learnin!

I’ve just started reading “Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business”, by Larry Weber.

The book talks about how he future of marketing is “a two-way street” (Amazon.com) and that you have to “communicate with, not at, customers”. I agree. Companies, especially large corporate entities, don’t own their brand or message anymore. Users will adapt, modify as they like (and sometimes give back) what they see on the web – it’s the ultimate communication mashup.

I do think that Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr (especially after video), YouTube and MySpace(for a time…) are increasingly important for any company’s marketing program. I think Second Life and other metaverses will have a strong part to play (look at IBM’s use of SL as an example of forward-thinking corporate managemnt).

Everyone’s a marketer, designer, blogger, etc. now. Soon the call to action won’t be “Embrace change…” – it’ll be far too late.