How big of a Time Waster is Social Networking?

The big ban on employees accessing Facebook at “Earlier this month, in FIR #254, Shel and I discussed quite an interesting story of what one company did regarding employee access to and use of Facebook.

That story, of the law firm Allen and Overy’s Facebook U-turn, is a good example of how a company listened to employees and enabled them to conditionally use the social networking site.”

The easy answer to this is that, YES! Social Networks waste time – and in many cases that’s right and justified. Let’s remember the networking part. Not only am I LinkdIn, but my Facebook and Twitter are raising my profile throughout my space – I’m getting asked to give talks at conferences, beta-test more services/software and even guest-blog. And I wish I had more time to do any of it – but I’m at the office…

BTW – Americans spend more time at work than our bretheren in Europe, Japan and China. A few minutes for updates here and there should be ok.

(Via Scoble’s Link Blog.)