8apps.com – A Social Network for Productivity Geeks

Thanks to Pownce, I was introduced to 8apps.com today. It’s a social network for productivity geeks! I was so excited – still am (if anyone wants to pass alomng an invite…) – only to find that the development team behind it seems to have gone their separate ways in the last couple of weeks.

Would love to hear any experience on this platform, or/any any updates. maybe someone else can take it on ?

Invites? Updates? Bueller??
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Update: I did receive an invite (Thanks, Kristi!) and have been making my way around. It’s an exciting collaborative tool – someone should really pick it up and run with it if it’s been abandoned.


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  1. 8apps is now closed down, but Yongfook still has http://www.sketchplanet.com live, which is fun!