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Inside Facebook » Search, Discovery, and Facebook

As I stated – I’m looking forward to seeing the moetization of the Facebook Platform – when and if it can b e done. Below is an article posted today on Inside Facebook discussing the interesting focus of social recommendation and the platform.

Inside Facebook » Search, Discovery, and Facebook: “Inside Facebook
Tracking the latest Facebook news and apps

Search, Discovery, and Facebook July 27th, 2007

There’s a lot of buzz around the internet about whether Facebook is going to start an ad network to monetize its application platform. Lookery, SocialMedia, and a few others are certainly betting that there’s a market for such a network. In the view of many, the holy grail is of course an in-Facebook network which uses Facebook’s demographic data to target users. An advertiser could then say, ‘I want to serve my ads to 18-24 year-olds who like sports,’ for example. (Click the link for more)

(Via Inside Facebook.)


I’m posting this entry from BuzzMachine about a Facebook developer’s gathering. What exciting is that this platform is only 45 days old and look at it’s growth rate!

Today, I’m taking at look at 30Boxes FBexchange (a Facebook ad network?) and am upgrading my NewsGator widget account to play with more customization.
(Also – new poll to the right….)

Faceboom: “

I went to a Facebook developers’ hackathon last night at Thumbplay in New York. I wasn’t the invited participant. Son Jake was. I was merely the chauffeur. Nonetheless, it was a nonvirtual Facebook for me, for I found all sorts of friends there: developer colleague, show-biz pal, investment guy, political geek. Everybody’s into Facebook.

(Via BuzzMachine.)

Social Networking for Business

One of the things that I’m trying to focus on within the Social Networking space right now is its business application. How will business adapt social networking’s potential?

I’m so excited about this new service from NewsGator Technologies, Inc. NewsGator owns NetNewsWire which is my newsreader and one of my “Can’t Live Without” apps. It’s a build-your-own-widget for use on Facebook, blogs, etc.

I decided to build my own and see how easy it is. It’s a three-step process:
1st step – Figure out your feeds
2nd step – Design – pick your layouts and colors
3rd Step – cut and paste your code and it’s finshed!

See it under my Twitter Posts (on the rightside)!

There’s a gallery of existing widgets here (Love Shark Week!).

They are also hosting “Widgets and the Future of Advertising” – a webinar on August 1st at 2pm EDT. I’m really looking forward to this and inviting any and all that I feel have any interests in Social Networks.

With so many companies starting networks (as well as opening their platforms…), monetizing these networks is becoming a necessary (evil?) focus.

Yes, another Social Network Blog

The growth of Social Networking in the last year has fascinated me – and completely sucked me in. I had had a LiveJournal, signed up for MySpace but never participated, maintained my LinkedIn profile – nothing big. Then came Twitter. Everything changed – Twitter, then Jaiku, then a Tumblr, Facebook to start, WordPress, Virb, Bebo, And more. More and more. Now I’ve added Pownce and Spock (I do love my betas…) – but I’m editing. Twitter (always), Pownce and Facebook are my constants.

Especially Facebook – I’m a marketer and NOTHING in the last few years has had me so excited than the last 10 weeks and the explosion of the Facebook platform. So I’m enjoying all of the coverage – and there’s been a ton of it.

A few of my favorite links (lately):

Marc Andreessen – Analyzing the Facebook Platform, Three Weeks In

ReadWriteWeb – Is Facebook Worth The Hype? ( See also Weekly Wrapup, 16-20 July 2007 for all their coverage)

Mashable – iLike Sees Exponential Growth with Facebook App

And the most vocal Facebook supporter – Robert Scoble – Scobeizer has fed my Social Networking/Facebook frenzy almost every day with fresh perspective.

So I’ll be blogging, linking and analyzing on all aspects of my (and others) experience.

Feel free to participate!