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Facebook Group Gets Cadbury to Bring a Popular Candy Bar Back

Taste of Victory: Online Outcry Revives a Chocolate Bar – New York Times

Another example of the power of Facebook. Cadbury Schweppes (UK) has agreed to bring back it’s Wispa candy bar in October. 14,000 people (93 Groups) joined “Bring Back Wispa” Facebook groups and other online petitions.


The Next Email – Twitter – Jaiku – Pownce

The Next Email – Twitter – Jaiku – Pownce

Robert Scoble is the most prolific and influencial blogger in the Tech space today. From his time as the “Microsoft Blogger”, Robert has shared interviews on new tech advances, processes and people. He’s also a HUGE proponent of Facebook and uses it extensively as a means of communication – he posts videos (exclusive content), links, wall posts and comments each day.

I was on Twitter for a few months before I found Scoble through someone I was “following”. Through his Tweets (and blog, Facebook, etc.), I get an insight into Silicon Valley culture and personnel, that as a Silicon Alley girl, I would never have.

In this Fast Company article, Robert discusses the Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku microblogging services and their applications in business. I’m on all three and use them each differently – but Twitter has my heart.

(Via Scobleizer.)

The End of Email?

Sharing with and messaging those non-Facebook (are there any left?) just got easier. Facebook now allows you to send messages to both your Facebook and Non-Facebook People(NFP) and save the NFP email addresses to your “friend selector”.

Of course, once these NFP get a taste of La Facebook, they will be sucked in like the rest of us. Part of the collective…

(Via Facebook | The Facebook Blog.)

Twitter Blog: Searching Twitter

Twitter Blog: Searching Twitter

One of the frustrating things about Twitter is finding people – especially people you know are using the service. Tonight Twitter launched a new “People Search” feature.

I’m sure that this is just the first of new features pending (In the last few days I’ve seen a lot of lists detailing what users are looking for).

(Via Twitter Blog.)

Social Media White Paper – “Tracking the Influence” (Factiva of Dow Jones)

Social Media White Paper – “Tracking the Influence” (Factiva of Dow Jones)

Jeremiah Owyang has graciously shared a white paper he co-wrote with Mike Toll of Factiva of Dow Jones. It discusses Social Media Measurement and anyone who has an interest in launching a social media program should read it.

Also – read the post which has the link to the white paper. It’s chock-full of links to the roundtable event this paper is based on. I also enjoy keeping track of the comments for each of Jeremiah’s posts – some very smart people engage in conversation there.

(Via Web Strategy by Jeremiah.)

Newsweek Article on Facebook

Facebook Grows Up: Can It Stay Relevant?

interesting article through the perspective of Newsweek (and it’s demographic) of Facebook and The Social Graph.

(Via MSNBC.)

Brian Solis (PR 2.0)in PRWeek

PRWeek Interviews PR Pros on the Ascendancy of Facebook

I love the initial proposition:

“Facebook should first be viewed as a personal reputation management system. It really is, in its most simplistic sense, an online hub for your personal brand for you as individual or person within a company.”

I’ve much more aware of “personal branding” since becoming more involved with Facebook – not only the viral componet of what app/group my “friends” are installing/joining, but what I do on my profile says about me professionally.

I’m looking forward to reading the whole article.

(Via PR 2.0.)

Facebook Spawns Ad Networks

Facebook Spawns Ad Networks

I’m excited about all the new social networking ad network possibilities, and this article talks about a couple of the initial candidates. I was especially excited to see Videoegg – earlier this year I worked with someone from the company on a local political campaign – and was really impressed during our conversations and observations about the space.

I’m meeting with them early this week.

(Via AdWeek.)

From Mashable: Yappd is a Visual Twitter Clone

Yappd is a Visual Twitter Clone : “Yappd is a new micro-blogging tool with an emphasis on the visual”

Now I’m a huge Twitter fan and user, and have a lot of respect for the team behind it. I’m also a Pownce and (lesser so) Jaiku. So I was very interested in this story on Mashable today. The difference so far is that people can send picture posts.

Has anyone been using this service yet?

I can’t possibly add yet another service, but I’m always interested in other’s experience.

(Via Mashable.)

Website Magazine : Social Media: From the Drawing Board to the Board Room

Website Magazine : Social Media: From the Drawing Board to the Board Room

This is a great introduction on how to get starting analyzing new media (and selling it as a value proposition to senior management). Jeremiah writes about social media from a consultant’s point of view – whether on his blog, this article, his Twitter feed or his Facebook. His writing never makes me feel condescended to, just included. I constantly pick up new things to share with my team, clients and management. And (hopefully!) my comments on his blog add some value.

(Via Jeremiah Owyang.)