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Day August 6, 2007

Interesting Twitter Conversation: Robert Scoble

Interesting one-side conversation from Robert Scoble (Twitter / Scobleizer) on what and how to get his – and many other A-List blogger’s attention these days.

In brief, he says that he answers things in the public space first (like Facebook’s Wall), rather than email or even direct Tweets (Twitter) or Facebook messages), “Because those communications scale.”

I wrote a message to a collegue today exploring that same point, but focusing on text messages – how more people are texting instead of emailing, and that the age group is moving from the teen market into the older demographics (this is an unscientific poll that I ran with 5 friends each age group – 15 to 20 yrs olds, 21 to 27 year olds and 28 to 40 yr olds). More and more people are texting than calling or emailing.

We are an immediate-gratification society. Social ADD.

(Via Twitter / Scobleizer.)