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Day August 13, 2007

From Mashable: Yappd is a Visual Twitter Clone

Yappd is a Visual Twitter Clone : “Yappd is a new micro-blogging tool with an emphasis on the visual”

Now I’m a huge Twitter fan and user, and have a lot of respect for the team behind it. I’m also a Pownce and (lesser so) Jaiku. So I was very interested in this story on Mashable today. The difference so far is that people can send picture posts.

Has anyone been using this service yet?

I can’t possibly add yet another service, but I’m always interested in other’s experience.

(Via Mashable.)

Website Magazine : Social Media: From the Drawing Board to the Board Room

Website Magazine : Social Media: From the Drawing Board to the Board Room

This is a great introduction on how to get starting analyzing new media (and selling it as a value proposition to senior management). Jeremiah writes about social media from a consultant’s point of view – whether on his blog, this article, his Twitter feed or his Facebook. His writing never makes me feel condescended to, just included. I constantly pick up new things to share with my team, clients and management. And (hopefully!) my comments on his blog add some value.

(Via Jeremiah Owyang.)

Global Race to Monetize the Social Web has it’s Bumps

Advertisers find new headaches in lawless world of social Web sites – International Herald Tribune: “By Doreen Carvajal

Great story in the Internation Herald about the advertising challenges in the Social space (ie. What happened in the UK with Vodafone, Virgin Media, First Direct and others temporarily leaving Facebook).

I think these challenges are good, it’s like beta-testing for ad networks. This new culture is rich and growing. It’s going to take time to see what works, who gets control over ads and how new networks will be implemented. Really exciting.

(Via Getting Granular: The DigitalGrit Blog.)