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Month September 2007 – A Profile Builder to Consolidate your Web Presence

One of the constant conversations in the web-strategist community is aggregating your online web presence. Profile Builder, one of the sponsors of TechCrunch40, has a product that “creates, manages and consolidates” this presence with their product.

I created my profil.e earlier today. There’s a wizard that quickly walks you through the process of setting up different modules, including About, Blogs, Links, Networks (which needs to expand), Video and others – there’s even one that you can customize with your own content. There’s tracking – so you can see who’s found/looked at your profile (although it seemed to count my editing process).

I did have some issues – I had to enter content a couple of times in some modules and trying to add the widget to my TypePad blog broke the template. It would be great to have the option to look at some completed examples to model your own profil.e on. It’s not always as intuitive as it could be. Also – how is this managing my presence if I can’t easily get it on my blog or Facebook? I’m going to keep experimenting with this and see how I can adapt it.

BTW – If you’re (lucky enough to be) attending TechCrunch40, stop by the ProfileBuilder booth and build your – you’ll receive a button that gives you the chance to win a MacBook(tm) or an iPod nano(tm).

Yahoo! Mash – First Impressions

Last night I was able – through a lovely anonymous giver at InviteShare (Thanks!) to get into Yahoo’s new beta social network – Mash.

Initial impressions
- The modules make it really easy to edit content
- No real way (besides email) to search for friends
- The modules are really geared to “fun” and “personal” (not business)
- Can edit background images and module colors easily
- Search box is for the web only
- “About Me” is obnoxiously cute
- There’s a Mash Pet
- One module allows you to see who’s visited your profile
- Can add you existing blogs by RSS feeds (by module)
- There’s a Twitter module
- The “Ego Boost” module uses your name and your friends

I’m sure that this is the initial release and that more is on the way. It’s going to be interesting on how quickly they adopt testers (users) suggestions. There’s not a lot of viral content and it’s not easy to build your network – which is the quickest way to turn off your users. But this is Yahoo! and I’m willing to give them the benefit of time.

If you’re interested in joining the Y!Mash beta – leave a comment!

EDIT: Brian Solis at PR 2.O has a much more detailed write-up.

Facebook Helps Define Your Personal Brand – Brian Solis

Facebook is the Hub for your Personal Brand

Chris Brogan poses a lot of questions on his Twitter feed. Some I answer, some I don’t – a lot make me think. Two of questions recently were a wake-up call – “What’s your personal brand?” and “What’s your social media strategy?”

As a marketing/advertising professional, I work on brand strategies all the time. And in the passion that I’ve developed for social media, I’ve been able to work on a number of SM tactics that support client strategy. Just hadn’t adapted them to my own profile.

These questions made me stop and evaluate my own web-presence strategy. Was I being consistent in how I portrayed myself? Were the tools and tactics that I used on an everyday basis supporting my personal strategy? How was I adding value to my network, profile and my company?

It’s a process. And for me, it started with Facebook.

Today, Brian Solis at PR 2.0 wrote this great piece about Facebook being the “hub” of your personal brand. He walks through the strategy of using Facebook as a social network aggregator – the place that combines and defines your web presence as well as your worth to your network. For those people who “don’t get” Facebook, or it’s value, this is a must-read (and share – with your company, peers, etc.).

(Via PR 2.0.)

NYTimes: The New (Second Life) Economy

Even in a Virtual World, “Stuff” Matters – New York Times

The New Economy of a Virtual life…

(Via Tristan Panasik.)

Adweek Releases It’s 2007 “Digital Hot List”

Facebook Tops MySpace on AdWeek Digital Hot List 2007

Nielsen/NetRatings backed selections from Adweek’s list for 2007. Are these on your everyday list?

(Via Epicenter – Wired Blogs.)

Geoff Livingston – Facebook Marketing Primer

Now is Gone: Facebook Marketing Primer

Geoff Livingston has a great post in his “Now Is Gone” blog (his book of the same name, with Brian Solis of PR 2.0 fame, should be listed on Amazon soon) – Facebook Marketing Primer. In it, he discusses the different forms of marketing on Facebook, including Applications, community development and advertising.

I’m a big proponent of Facebook and Social Network marketing. I think that different demographics are using Facebook (and other Social Networks) in different ways. For example – I don’t know that many post-college adults would join groups for some companies/products (ie. pharmaceuticals/drugs) that might show up in their news feeds. I’m very much aware of the power of my network and what I want them to see. So how do you market to that demographic without it being intrusive?

(Via Now is Gone.)

Wired’s Take on the Facebook Phenom

How Mark Zuckerberg Turned Facebook Into the Web’s Hottest Platform

Detailed look at Mark Zuckerberg and how he led the Facebook revolution.

(Via Wired.)

ReadWriteWeb Talks with Biz Stone on Twitter’s Success

Twitter’s Open Platform Advantage

Great interview with Twitter‘s Biz Stone (Transcript and Audio here). I love that they get that the API development has been a key factor in Twitter’s growth and success. From Twittervision to Twitteriffic, the apps built on the API make Twitter a more interactive, easier to adapt tool.

I’m waiting (and waiting) for Pownce to get this. The AIR apps are not my friend.

(Via ReadWriteWeb.)

Danny Sullivan: New Facebook Settings Maybe Not-So-New

Facebook Opens Profiles To Tap Into Google Traffic, While Google Grabs Facebook’s News Feed Idea

A lot of people blogged about this today as a new idea. Danny Sullivan’s perspective is that these settings have been in place for some time and they are just being changed to a new default to “announce” them. He also walks through how some profiles are making it over the “Walled Garden” to Google.

Haven’t seen that happen with mine yet – guess I’ll see what happens in a month.

EDIT: I was wrong – my Facebook profile is showing up on page two of Google listings for my name (after one of my blogs, LinkedIn, Jaiku and Mashable)

Danny also talks about Google’s Orkut Social Network, which I haven’t looked at yet. Anyone? Bueller?

(Via Danny Sullivan on Facebook .)

Senior Management: What you needs to know about Twitter!

Web Strategy: What the Web Strategist should know about Twitter

IIf you haven’t seen this post by Jeremiah Owyang, click now. And then send it to all your senior management (like I did).

In that last two posts I’ve discussed my love of Twitter and my respect for Jeremiah. This post is an example of what I find exciting about both.

(Via Jeremiah Owyang’s Twitter feed.)