AdAge – Who Do you Say is a “Geek Marketer”?

Advertising Age – As Technology Develops, So Does Role of Geek Marketers

Someone sent me this this morning with the note (or IM) “They now have a name for what you do!”. As flattered as I am, I think Jeremiah Owyang has coined the term “Web Strategist” He wasn’t the first to use it, but he – through the use of his Facebook Group and his blog – has made it part of the Web 2.0 vernacular.

And I think it sound sexier than “Geek Marketer”.

(Via Pam Tulley)


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  1. I like that, “geek marketer”

    just curious, do you know who the first person was to use the term “web strategist?” I started it back in Sept 2005, two years ago.

  2. I don’t know – you are the first person that I know that has used “web strategist” in terms of a actual, viable job description. You’ve brought it into the 2007 vernacular.

    It’s also resonated with me – I’ve been using a lot of these strategies/tactics and research on my own before I started at DigitalGrit. DG gets that these strategies/tactics now need to be part of the “conversations” we enable our clients to have.