Geoff Livingston – Facebook Marketing Primer

Now is Gone: Facebook Marketing Primer

Geoff Livingston has a great post in his “Now Is Gone” blog (his book of the same name, with Brian Solis of PR 2.0 fame, should be listed on Amazon soon) – Facebook Marketing Primer. In it, he discusses the different forms of marketing on Facebook, including Applications, community development and advertising.

I’m a big proponent of Facebook and Social Network marketing. I think that different demographics are using Facebook (and other Social Networks) in different ways. For example – I don’t know that many post-college adults would join groups for some companies/products (ie. pharmaceuticals/drugs) that might show up in their news feeds. I’m very much aware of the power of my network and what I want them to see. So how do you market to that demographic without it being intrusive?

(Via Now is Gone.)


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  1. Great question Jane (thanks for the continued discussion, too). It really does come down to knowing your demographic… I am sure we know very little about Facebook marketing right now. More will be revealed, but what will happen when the dust settles?

    Also, check out Jeremiah’s fantastic post on Target vs. Wal-mart on the Facebook front: