Facebook Helps Define Your Personal Brand – Brian Solis

Facebook is the Hub for your Personal Brand

Chris Brogan poses a lot of questions on his Twitter feed. Some I answer, some I don’t – a lot make me think. Two of questions recently were a wake-up call – “What’s your personal brand?” and “What’s your social media strategy?”

As a marketing/advertising professional, I work on brand strategies all the time. And in the passion that I’ve developed for social media, I’ve been able to work on a number of SM tactics that support client strategy. Just hadn’t adapted them to my own profile.

These questions made me stop and evaluate my own web-presence strategy. Was I being consistent in how I portrayed myself? Were the tools and tactics that I used on an everyday basis supporting my personal strategy? How was I adding value to my network, profile and my company?

It’s a process. And for me, it started with Facebook.

Today, Brian Solis at PR 2.0 wrote this great piece about Facebook being the “hub” of your personal brand. He walks through the strategy of using Facebook as a social network aggregator – the place that combines and defines your web presence as well as your worth to your network. For those people who “don’t get” Facebook, or it’s value, this is a must-read (and share – with your company, peers, etc.).

(Via PR 2.0.)


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  1. Brian and I agree that a hub is a good idea. I might disagree where that hub should be. Have you tried out Ning? (http://ning.com)

    What I like about Ning different than facebook AS A HUB is that Ning is modular. Ning is a top-to-bottom platform you can control from how people register (either locked down or “invite your friends”), and that all the modular content allows you to create a multi-faceted brand.

    It also (here’s the big part) lets you use RSS to get your various content pieces out to the various places where you might want to have your content moved and brought.

    By comparison, I would say this: Facebook is where the bodies are. It’s harder to build a group in Ning than in Facebook, insofar as there’s critical mass there. But then, once you have people swarmed into your profile, that doesn’t give you a platform unless people watch their news stream shrewdly.

    If you build a group in FB, there are social norms about not messaging the group very often. And without RSS, it requires that a Facebook user (oh, and you limit your audience to Facebook) go and seek out your group to see if anything new happened there.

    FB does a few things well. It allows you to build rich profile data, including using 3rd party applications to build out how people might perceive you. And, it has the masses.

    But for a HUB for your digital identity? If you’re not thinking your blog is that place, I’d fight for Ning on this. And if you want a tour around Ning, I’ll gladly show you.

    One last thing. Your About page doesn’t tell me your name (I know who you are, but I’m saying a visitor doesn’t), nor does it tell me how to reach you outside of your blog. : )

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post.

  2. SN presence is important, FB allows a lot of flexibility through 3rd party apps which is a convenience. FB is just another way of maximizing your presence, however as far as being the ‘HUB’ of SN, I too have to disagree and throw my support behind Ning. Ning allows control, exculsivity.

    I appreciate your thoughts and hope to read more.