October 2007
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Day October 18, 2007

The Thing About Digg

I’ve never really used Digg in a big way – always thought it wasn’t my place, my demographic, whatever. But after the first day of Danny Sullivan’s SMX Social Media conference I realize that it needs to be a channel that I evaluate for any social media strategy.

The first day of the conference was very Digg-focused and a lot of the panelists were really knowledgeable and forthcoming. It was really interesting to hear about linkbaiting campaigns and what did and did not work.

I also got to meet (thru Twitter, a response to a blog post, a very thoughtful email response and then in person!) Tamar Weinberg, a Digg Top 100 user. She gave a great presentation on the Social News Sites panel and she’s passionate – without the Rose-colored glasses – about Digg. Really passionate.

So tonight I’m spending some time on Digg and looking for the conversations that I’ll be interested in. Looking forward to it!