The Thing About Digg

I’ve never really used Digg in a big way – always thought it wasn’t my place, my demographic, whatever. But after the first day of Danny Sullivan’s SMX Social Media conference I realize that it needs to be a channel that I evaluate for any social media strategy.

The first day of the conference was very Digg-focused and a lot of the panelists were really knowledgeable and forthcoming. It was really interesting to hear about linkbaiting campaigns and what did and did not work.

I also got to meet (thru Twitter, a response to a blog post, a very thoughtful email response and then in person!) Tamar Weinberg, a Digg Top 100 user. She gave a great presentation on the Social News Sites panel and she’s passionate – without the Rose-colored glasses – about Digg. Really passionate.

So tonight I’m spending some time on Digg and looking for the conversations that I’ll be interested in. Looking forward to it!


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  1. It’s been a few weeks since this post. Have you found any conversations to be a part of? I’m guessing you quickly tired of the comments (probably a too literal interpretation of what you mean by “conversation”).

    My experience has been that there isn’t much value added in the comments section on Digg. The real conversation happens with those that go on to blog about submissions and add their own thoughts and observations.