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Sad News – Marc Orchant’s Passing

I didn’t know Marc – I’ve read his blog and followed the BlogNation story – but I was sad to hear of his heart attack last week and subsequent passing today. While there’s nothing to say, it sounds like he was surrounded by love, music and family when he left us. That’s something we can all hope for.

Oliver Starr has been updating throught the week and has created a donations account here. In this season of giving, please remember this family. In warm thoughts and wishes as well as donations.

Rest in peace, Marc.

Chris Brogan – 100 Posts on Growing Your (Personal or Business) Brand with Social Media

My Next 100 Posts : []

Chris Brogan is a generous and prolific content producer. He is generous by nature and looks to find ways to educate and help others grow their knowledge. I know this from personal experience.

Chris is focusing his next 100 posts on sharing his (and others) knowledge of social media and using it to grow people’s businesses and brands (personal and otherwise).

The first few posts:

Above All Else People
Snake Oil in Social Media

and my favorite, so far:
Social Media Starter Pack

This is required reading for anyone interested in or using social media. Go forth and learn!

(Via [].)

Influential Posts from the Last 2 Months – Part I

Have you ever read a post and it stays with you – for a few days, maybe weeks?

In the past few months I read 2 posts from 2 people that have really stayed with me – excited me about the forum and, in one case, got me passionate about blogging again (after a small social media crisis).

First, Chris Brogan.
Besides his Twitter feeds, Seesmic/Attention Upgrade/Facebook videos, his multiple blog posts and his warm manner, Chris’s influence is widespread. Almost two months ago, Chris wrote a post speculating what life would be like at a workplace in the future. Using existing tools such as Seesmic, Utterz, Facebook, Twitter, Pownce and Tumblr, teams collaborate all over the world, even using translation software to ease communication.

Chris has followed up this post this week with a post about “The Contextual Engine”. In his view, out data can be used more efficiently and can create on the fly connections with the people and services (as well as stores) that matter to us. It’s an incredible snapshot of how life might become.

Now the first post inspired me. I thought about it for over a month – so I decided to try an experiment. For a week (a week and 3 days, as it turned out) I’d respond to my email via other social media methods. Using social network messaging, videos, audio files, texting – I was committed to using alternate media to connect with my team and clients alike.

It was tough at first. Really tough. In fact for the first 3 days (right before Thanksgiving) I had a usage success rate at about 15%. Then after Thanksgiving, things got easier. For me.

But not for everyone. With my 90% usage rate up – I had pushback, at least at first. People didn’t get what I was trying to accomplish and did I really think that email was dying (NO, BTW). People hate change and are also not especially great about checking their FB messages (what, people don’t log-in obsessively???). But by the end of the week, I had an overwhelmingly positive experience. Not only did I introduce new methods of communication to those in my network, but many people shared those videos – opening up new opportunities for me at work.

I’ll definitely try this again in a few months. Thanks, Chris for the inspiration.

(Part II coming soon)

Social Media Behind the Firewall
The Context Engine

Things you should not do to your Pleo – Engadget

Link: Things you should not do to your Pleo – Engadget.

I know this is strictly NOT social media. But I did see one of these at Ad:Tech NY and it was hysterical (more about the person holding it than the actual Pleo).

And this article – especially the comments – made me laugh out loud.

All the Twitter Tools You’ll Ever Need!

“The Twitter Toolset: 50+ Guides, Hacks, and Scripts”

I’m a Twitterholic. I’ve written about this service many times and have continued to be an advocate of this service. This is a comprehensive list of Twitter applications divided by category (Mobile, Desktop, Browser Plug-ins, etc.).

One of the services not on this list is Snitter and Adobe Air app that runs on both Win and Mac platforms.

(Via Amy S Quinn.)

Facebook gets “Poked” Back

“Poking Facebook”

I’m reading this article and it makes me crazy. Can I see the resemblance between ConnectU and Facebook? Yes. But there was no NDAs, No payment for work (maybe some discussion, but no payment). It a case of inexperience and best intentions vs business reality.

In the face of last month’s gOpenSocial, FB’s SocialAds and MS HyperAds announcements – social media, and Facebook in particular, are poised to act on the promise of 2007. It’s only the beginning.

Other Facebook stories today:
- How to Block Facebook’s Beacon
- Facebook’s Zuckerburg Loses Court Case Over Documents
- Did Facebook Lie About Beacon to Gain Advertisers?

(Via Brian Solis’s Twitter Feed.)