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Day April 1, 2008

Tagged with the 4X4 Meme…

So with 4 Days to Blogger Social here in NYC, I’ve been tagged by my SXSW roomie, Tamar Weinberg for this 4X4 meme. You’re given 4 questions and you need to give 4 answers, then tag 4 people.

4 Jobs I’ve Had

1. My first job was working for a Waldenbooks store for a lovely man named Joost, who introduced me to The Moonstone (one of my favorite books).
2. Worked for Harrod’s in London (the section where you buy those PVC bags). Best job ever. They bought me a plane ticket home for Xmas when the airline I was booked on went bankrupt and replaced Christmas presents that had been stolen at a company function. And wouldn’t let me repay them. Best job ever.
3. I was a Nordstrom Dress Buyer – worked my way up the company, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. Everything I know about managing people comes from this experience.
4. I am currently the Senior Director at <a href="http://www.zetainteractive.com">Zeta Interactive</a>, an interactive ad agency in NYC – and my focus is Social media and emerging technologies. And it’s a blast.

4 Things I’ve done in the Last Four Years

1. Go back to London and reestablish friendships and my love for the city. It’s still my dream place to live. One day.
2. Change jobs – I ran the Interactive Division of an Ad Agency that focused on Real Estate, now I have a much bigger purview. I do miss the interaction with my developers and creative team – who I still keep in contact with and adore. It’s one thing I miss in my current position.
3. Have a major operation – which I didn’t take as seriously as I should have and am still experiencing (not serious – just enough to be annoying) repercussions.
4. Fell in and out of love. Ok, serious Like.

4 Movies I can watch over and over

1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – Newman and Redford at their best. "You just keep thinking, Butch…"
2. The Suicide Kings – Denis Leary, Jay Mohr (who does the best impression of…) Christopher Walken.
3. High Society – Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra (and great music). This is a definite 2am movie.
4. Grosse Point Blank – John Cusack and the best soundtrack ever.

4 Websites I visit everyday

1. Google - and that includes Gmail and my Reader
2. Twitter – I check in on a lot of my friends pages to catch up (it’s hard to hear all the conversations with over 600 people)
3. Facebook - I use it a lot for business as well as personal
4. My Basecamp/Backpack/Campfire, etc pages – my 37Signals web tools. I’ve just restarted using them again and it’s really gotten me focused again.

Ok – here’s the four people I want to hear from.
Bill Cammack
Connie Reese
Geoff Livingston
Jeff Glasson

You can answer any of these questions: 4 Jobs I’ve had, 4 Favorite Foods, 4 TV Shows I DVR, 4 Movies I could watch Over & Over, 4 Places I’ve been, 4 Places I’ve lived, 4 Places I want to go, 4 Music Artists I’m listening to now, 4 All Time Favorite Musicians, 4 Shows I have been to, 4 Cars I have owned, 4 Things I have done in the past 4 years, 4 websites I visit daily, 4 places I’d rather be right now, 4 People I think will respond, 4 Things I look forward to this year, or 4 Underrated conversational topics.

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!