My ooVoo Day Political – Let’s Caucus!

(First – full disclosure – ooVoo is a client of crayon).

This week I’m involved in a pretty amazing event – My ooVoo Day Political (MODP). ooVoo is a video communications platform that allows up to 6 people to chat simultaneously. A couple of months ago, the social media community got together for a charity event – My ooVoo Day - where all the proceeds went to charity. It was quite a success. This time around, My ooVoo Day is about politics.

This is a really incredible Election Year, with many people participating for the first time. For the first time, after years of talking about it, we’re seeing young people registering and becoming really active. My ooVoo day Political is about taking all of those conversations from all different issues and platforms and giving them a forum. All ages, all opinions, all parties invites – respect all the way around.

My ooVoo Day Political started on Monday (Video will be up shortly and I’ll link to it) and will continue through August 4th. We’ve had a lot of spirited conversation and I’ve had a lot of fun watching people use  and fall in love with technology that they might not have used before. So grab your webcam and head over to My ooVoo Day Political, look at the different hosts and sign-up for a session or two.

Just another way of participating in the political process!