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My favorite Video of 2008

I’m going to be highlighting some of my favorite things of 2008 this week, and I thought I’d start out with this video. What could be better than Christopher Walken cooking?

Man Makes Chicken with Pears

Greg Verdino: The Book Of Twitter Follows

From the Not column in the Dead or Not game, my crayonista collegue Greg Verdino brings you Genesis (the ProgRock group, Not Bible chapter):

Oh Phil Collins, you balding seer of online social networking.  How could you have possibly known that thirty years after Genesis released …And Then There Were Three… a band of raging Twitterati would be anguishing over who to twit and who to qwit? OK — technically speaking, Mike Rutherford wrote the lyrics to “Follow You Follow Me” and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thinking of Twitter, but I’ve got a soft spot for bald guys (or a bald spot for soft guys) so I hope you’ll let me off easy…Greg Verdino: Marketing, Media & Trends, Dec 2008

You should read the whole article. He goes on to talk about who he follows on Twitter and why. I’m always interested in people’s “Twitter Philosophies” (for lack of a more pretentious term) and I love seeing the rational behind who gets follow’d back – so how do YOU decide?

I don’t have a set criteria – I look at people’s profiles and tweets and try to see why they wanted to connect with me. Or if they bring the funny.

And as for Greg, well – was Genesis REALLY Genesis after Peter Gabriel left??

Pownce No More…

Today on the Pownce Blog, Leah Culver announced that the service would be closing in a few weeks and that the team would be moving to SixApart, makers of MovableType, TypePad and Vox blogging software. I was really excited about Pownce when it began because it seemed to take the next logical step from where Twitter was and enabled actual sharing of files and media. Perfect for my team and making a more social-enabled workflow. Immediately, I signed up for a Pro Account, to show support (although when it came time to renew, it was difficult and I quickly gave up) and distributed most of my invites. At the time it was the “New Shiny Thing” so a lot of Twitter conversations ported to Pownce. Unfortunately, even before coming out of beta, most ported back.

Acccording to the SixApart announcement, the incredible Leah Culver and Mike Malone are joining the SA engineering team (I see that as hugely important as the annoucement last week that Rael Dornfest is joining the Twitter team). Huge coup for 6A. Many people are taking that to mean that Pownce will be absorbed into the SixApart universe in some fashion, but I don’t think so. Too many microblogging platforms exist, all of which can be imported into any platform – why have another? Especially when there are so many features that I can see this team producing, adding immediate value to 6A – especially to TypePad!

It seems that Pownce Pro users will get their own free TypePad account for a year and that Powncers are able to export their posts and can then import them to other blogging services such as Vox, TypePad, or WordPress.

Thanks to the Pownce Team for all of their work and a platform that I think might have been slightly aheaad of its time – I’m looking forward to seeing where SixApart goes from here.

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