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Year 2009

Kevin Rose Interview from TC50

I’ve been really impressed by the team at Revision3 this year and their commitment to great content and the way that commitment comes from the leadership on down. This is a good interview with Rev3 founder, Kevin Rose (by Sarah Lacy), on what’s next for Digg, what’s interesting to him at TC50 and what happened to Pownce (a site I really liked at it’s inception).

Facebook-Like “Likes” in Google Reader

When I checked into my Google Reader this morning, I immediately saw a couple of nw things. The first (seen here on a post from Daring Fireball) was that 14 people had “liked” this post, with a link added at the bottom to “like” something too. Very Facebook.

Pinboard: The AntiSocial Bookmarking Site

Yeah TechCrunch featured it, but as usual with anything of value lately, I found this through John Gruber’s Daring FireballPinboard, which calls itself the social bookmarking site for introverts (or the anti-social book marking site) has come out of beta – it’s what Delicious was before Yahoo bought it and put it in developer hell.

Features: (from the website):

  • Easy import and export in del.icio.us format.
  • Fast site with less clutter.
  • Nightly database backups to S3 (welcome, Ma.gnolia users!)
  • Lightweight to read status for things you want to look at later
  • Private bookmarks and private tags
  • Easier bulk editing

The one thing I love? You need to pay to play – and it’s a sliding scale. The earlier you get in, the less you pay (the formula is number of users * $0.001) so join today. Yesterday it jumped from @2.91 to $4.33 and still climbing (although I’m sure there’s a cap coming).  The fee will defray the costs of running the site and also discourage spammers. There’s also a blog and a Google developer group where you can interact with the developer on bugs and requests.

Pinboard is a simple tool that does exactly what it promised without feature bloat or clutter.

Quick Thank You – MediaTemple

I’ve been having some issues with Social Days because of a plugin I was testing – it corrupted a bunch of stuff and I was unable to access drafts, some plugins or upgrade WP at all. So I exported and was able to set up everything as good as new on a MediaTemple account I’ve had for testing. This did not come as easy as hoped, due to some sleepy stupidity on my part.

SXSW: Here We Come…

…and by “we”, I mean me and my fellow-crayonista, (and social media Boy-Toy) Greg Verdino. Not only are we going to hang with the TechSet, maybe hit some Karaoke, and be social in a way that, well, isn’t me, but we have actual WORK to be done!

The Big Picture – iPhone Photo Apps

I’ve had a Flickr Pro account for over 2 years. There’s been this fantasy that I’m going to buy one of those amazing cameras, take a class and carry it with me everywhere (like CC Chapman and Brian Solis). So far, not so much.

Then I bought a Diana Camera this year – a quirky, plastic, “toy camera” that’s been a lot of fun and taught me a lot about patience in my instant-gratification life. But still, not so much my everyday companion.

I love my iPhone – and I’m an AppStore addict – so I constantly download, add (and subtract) applications, and was so excited to find an app called “ToyCamera”.

ToyCamera takes the kind of quirky, light-leaks filled pictures that I get with my Diana, without the wait for photo development. I think the developer, Takayuki Fukatsu, is an amazing talent, and has created an app that surprises you with every shot. The filters included in this app include:

  • Vintage Green effect
  • Vintage Yellow effect
  • Vintage Warm effect
  • Low Saturation
  • High Saturation
  • Toning Sepia
  • Black and White
  • HiCon Black and White

It also has an uploader to the BigCanvas Photoshare – which I don’t use – as well as a Flickr group.

This month I’ve made a commitment to take 5 pictures of wherever I am each morning and post them to Flickr, no matter how I feel they turn out. You can follow my progress here (and this one is my favorite so far). Takayuki Fukatsu has also made a couple of other fantastic apps, OldCamera (Black and White pictures), SepiaCamera (just as it sounds) and QuadCamera, a really neat effect that takes 4 quick pics and puts them in a number of different ways, stacked, side-by-side, etc. All of them are just as addictive as ToyCamera.

To upload to Flickr, I’ve been using the application by XK72, Mobile Fotos. Mobile Fotos allows you to view photostreams, favorites, tags, sets and groups, as well as search for photos, read and make comments, or see other Flickr members photos.And of course the easy uploader – I can upload to groups as well as my photostream.

Since this is a relatively new passion, I’ll see if this sticks beyond my alloted commitment. But it feels like it will. And I’m looking forward to seeing it in action at the next conferences I’m at.

Are there other apps I should check out? Any tutorials? Let me know.

Update 1.24: Just released – an online companion to QuadCamera, QuadAnimator, which takes your QC pictures and saves it as an animated GIF file.  Fun!