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Facebook-Like “Likes” in Google Reader

When I checked into my Google Reader this morning, I immediately saw a couple of nw things. The first (seen here on a post from Daring Fireball) was that 14 people had “liked” this post, with a link added at the bottom to “like” something too. Very Facebook.

Pinboard: The AntiSocial Bookmarking Site

Yeah TechCrunch featured it, but as usual with anything of value lately, I found this through John Gruber’s Daring FireballPinboard, which calls itself the social bookmarking site for introverts (or the anti-social book marking site) has come out of beta – it’s what Delicious was before Yahoo bought it and put it in developer hell.

Features: (from the website):

  • Easy import and export in del.icio.us format.
  • Fast site with less clutter.
  • Nightly database backups to S3 (welcome, Ma.gnolia users!)
  • Lightweight to read status for things you want to look at later
  • Private bookmarks and private tags
  • Easier bulk editing

The one thing I love? You need to pay to play – and it’s a sliding scale. The earlier you get in, the less you pay (the formula is number of users * $0.001) so join today. Yesterday it jumped from @2.91 to $4.33 and still climbing (although I’m sure there’s a cap coming).  The fee will defray the costs of running the site and also discourage spammers. There’s also a blog and a Google developer group where you can interact with the developer on bugs and requests.

Pinboard is a simple tool that does exactly what it promised without feature bloat or clutter.

Quick Thank You – MediaTemple

I’ve been having some issues with Social Days because of a plugin I was testing – it corrupted a bunch of stuff and I was unable to access drafts, some plugins or upgrade WP at all. So I exported and was able to set up everything as good as new on a MediaTemple account I’ve had for testing. This did not come as easy as hoped, due to some sleepy stupidity on my part.