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Event: Network Solutions – Solutions Stars Video Conference

The Solutions Stars Video Conference is happening October 29th at 1pm. A number of social media luminaries – the kind that you usually pay a couple thousand to see – have participatedin this incredible event.

Sweetcron – Noise Pollution? Host your own FriendFeed!

I’ve been following Youngfook since I wrote about 8apps on Setting Contexts. Unfortunately, 8apps is gone (would be GREAT to see someone buy that and run with it…) and Youngfook has moved on – he’s the guy behind Sweetcron, a self-hosted Lifestreaming solution.

crayon’s panel at Podcamp Boston 3

I was going to be on this panel (until I took a certain job...).

The crayon Panel at Podcamp Boston moderated by Greg Verdino, with Doug Haslam, Phillip Robertson and Adam Broitman!

I Still Love Twitter

There’s a bit of unrest among the Twitter natives. The service is up and it’s down and…it is what it is.

What it is to me – I’ve been using Twitter for almost 2 years, and as I’ve said I’ve been on long enough to fall in love and out of love and back in love with it. Now 2x over. I also wrote a response to a Brian Solis post about how disappointed I was in their handling of certain seeming violations in their Terms of Service. Then I felt guilt about piling on without knowing both sides of the story.

Twitter was – almost – the first (anyone remember Dodgeball?) and despite scaling issues have done it better than anyone else. Jaiku is pretty much done (Is Google the place where Web 2.0 apps go to die? Jaiku? Delicious? Dodgeball?) with no movement since the acquisition. But now there are new option seemingly every day, Plurk, and Posterous among them. FriendFeed is a big favorite among early adopters, with the opportunity to have longer conversations and comments for each of you and your friends items.

There are also push services, like and BlogIt, which can push status updates and blog posts to a number of services at the same time. Personally, I feel weird about that. I have many “friends” across the different services and it feels like I’m spamming them instead of concentrating on delivering unique content. My issues, not yours ;)

Twitter (and Facebook) is where the my conversations are and where I’ve met people who have become personally important to me. There are talented people, who I’ll never meet, who I look at their Twitter pages each day. I’ve had job interviews and opportunities because of Twitter and have met a ton of smart people who I now count as friends (or collegues). I check in to FriendFeed, I look at the other services I’m on – but those are appointment check-ins, not integrated into my daily workflow.

In fact – I still can’t get excited about Plurk – and I know plenty of people who are. I just can’t get past the interface (again, my issue!) and the whole karma point system makes no sense to me. Many of my connections love it and I plan on checking in every once in a while – it’s just not for me. On the other hand, I’m enjoying Posterous and the simplicity of emailing all of my updates, pictures, etc. It’s easy and fast.

Do the Twitter down times disturb me? More of a gentle to general state of annoyance. Do I wish they would set their business model? Uh, yeah (I’m sure they can’t wait to do that too). But I love the service and the team – both of which have changed the daily way I communicate with the world. And have brought me opportunities and people in my life that I would have never had before Twitter.

(And BTW – it’s still FREE!).

Via Hal Siegel (

I think Laurie Anderson once said that when she lived in Chicago “I always felt like I was an hour behind New York.”


“Unfollow is the new Follow” - Greg Verdino

My ooVoo Day Political – Let’s Caucus!

This week I’m involved in a pretty amazing event – My ooVoo Day Political (MODP). ooVoo is a video communications platform that allows up to 6 people to chat simultaneously. A couple of months ago, the social media community got together for a charity event – My ooVoo Day – where all the proceeds went to charity. It was quite a success. This time around, My ooVoo Day is about politics.

Joss Whelan’s Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Social Medley

I am a huge Joss Whelan – Buffy – Serenity fan – he’s imaginative, fun and I love the way he writes his female characters. This is a man who likes women. So I was exceptionally bummed when a studio passed on his Wonder Woman script.

Then out of the writer’s strike came “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Blog“, with Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. How does that not sound like a great time?



“Dr Horrible” is not a a new TV show or movie. It’s a streaming event, with the first Act starting today (7.15), Act II on 7.17 and Act III on 7.19. The free airings are only available until the 20th and then it’s the looonng wait (hopefuly not) to the DVD release.

Let’s talk social.

Of course this isn’t some indie production with no marketing budget relying on Word of Mouth to drum up interest. This is a guy with a devoted fanbase that will follow him anywhere and to any medium. So instead of the large, mega-ad campaign – they relied on that fanbase to spread the news:

Additional interviews and information is housed at Dr.

So run, not walk to or buy the “season’s pass’ on iTunes – 7,926 Facebook , MySpace, etc. users can’t all be wrong…

A Different Sort of Social – Postcrossing (via clusterflock)

There are blogs that are a addictive must-read – clusterflock is one of those for me. This just came across my reader – and I think it’s an different social take. And an unexpected smile.

Postcrossing‘s idea is simple – send a postcard, get a postcard from someone picked at random around the world. It’s kind of link getting a bunch of surprises by mail (remember – actual mail? In your mailbox? That’s not a bill or junk?).

How does it work? (from the website)

  • request an address from the website
  • mail the postcard to the address
  • wait to receive a postcard
  • register the received postcard in the system

Go to the website to read more on the specifics.

This reminds me of messages in bottle and having pen-pals in grammer school – nostalgia and poloroids.

Plurk – A New Microblogging Service

With all of the up and down (time) of Twitter, many people are looking at alternatives for their microblogging platform of choice. Tonight I noticed (ironically through Twitter) a number of my friends trying out Plurk.