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Facebook Helps Define Your Personal Brand – Brian Solis

Facebook is the Hub for your Personal Brand

Chris Brogan poses a lot of questions on his Twitter feed. Some I answer, some I don’t – a lot make me think. Two of questions recently were a wake-up call – “What’s your personal brand?” and “What’s your social media strategy?”

As a marketing/advertising professional, I work on brand strategies all the time. And in the passion that I’ve developed for social media, I’ve been able to work on a number of SM tactics that support client strategy. Just hadn’t adapted them to my own profile.

These questions made me stop and evaluate my own web-presence strategy. Was I being consistent in how I portrayed myself? Were the tools and tactics that I used on an everyday basis supporting my personal strategy? How was I adding value to my network, profile and my company?

It’s a process. And for me, it started with Facebook.

Today, Brian Solis at PR 2.0 wrote this great piece about Facebook being the “hub” of your personal brand. He walks through the strategy of using Facebook as a social network aggregator – the place that combines and defines your web presence as well as your worth to your network. For those people who “don’t get” Facebook, or it’s value, this is a must-read (and share – with your company, peers, etc.).

(Via PR 2.0.)

Adweek Releases It’s 2007 “Digital Hot List”

Facebook Tops MySpace on AdWeek Digital Hot List 2007

Nielsen/NetRatings backed selections from Adweek’s list for 2007. Are these on your everyday list?

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Geoff Livingston – Facebook Marketing Primer

Now is Gone: Facebook Marketing Primer

Geoff Livingston has a great post in his “Now Is Gone” blog (his book of the same name, with Brian Solis of PR 2.0 fame, should be listed on Amazon soon) – Facebook Marketing Primer. In it, he discusses the different forms of marketing on Facebook, including Applications, community development and advertising.

I’m a big proponent of Facebook and Social Network marketing. I think that different demographics are using Facebook (and other Social Networks) in different ways. For example – I don’t know that many post-college adults would join groups for some companies/products (ie. pharmaceuticals/drugs) that might show up in their news feeds. I’m very much aware of the power of my network and what I want them to see. So how do you market to that demographic without it being intrusive?

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Wired’s Take on the Facebook Phenom

How Mark Zuckerberg Turned Facebook Into the Web’s Hottest Platform

Detailed look at Mark Zuckerberg and how he led the Facebook revolution.

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Danny Sullivan: New Facebook Settings Maybe Not-So-New

Facebook Opens Profiles To Tap Into Google Traffic, While Google Grabs Facebook’s News Feed Idea

A lot of people blogged about this today as a new idea. Danny Sullivan’s perspective is that these settings have been in place for some time and they are just being changed to a new default to “announce” them. He also walks through how some profiles are making it over the “Walled Garden” to Google.

Haven’t seen that happen with mine yet – guess I’ll see what happens in a month.

EDIT: I was wrong – my Facebook profile is showing up on page two of Google listings for my name (after one of my blogs, LinkedIn, Jaiku and Mashable)

Danny also talks about Google’s Orkut Social Network, which I haven’t looked at yet. Anyone? Bueller?

(Via Danny Sullivan on Facebook .) – Is Mark Zuckerberg the New Bill Gates? (aka Facebook Sturm und Drang)

Is Mark Zuckerberg the New Bill Gates?–

When you’re 23 and getting billion dollar offers for your company, people will crawl out of the (legal) woodwork. has a great post about all this Facebook Drama. ConnectU, houseSYSTEM…many of us who lived through the 1st Bubble (NOT that this is a second…) have seen this before.

We’ll see who has a case and who doesn’t-but there’s no denying that Mark Zuckerberg was able to bring it to market first and surround himself with the right people. Which is more than half the battle.


Facebook Group Gets Cadbury to Bring a Popular Candy Bar Back

Taste of Victory: Online Outcry Revives a Chocolate Bar – New York Times

Another example of the power of Facebook. Cadbury Schweppes (UK) has agreed to bring back it’s Wispa candy bar in October. 14,000 people (93 Groups) joined “Bring Back Wispa” Facebook groups and other online petitions.


The Next Email – Twitter – Jaiku – Pownce

The Next Email – Twitter – Jaiku – Pownce

Robert Scoble is the most prolific and influencial blogger in the Tech space today. From his time as the “Microsoft Blogger”, Robert has shared interviews on new tech advances, processes and people. He’s also a HUGE proponent of Facebook and uses it extensively as a means of communication – he posts videos (exclusive content), links, wall posts and comments each day.

I was on Twitter for a few months before I found Scoble through someone I was “following”. Through his Tweets (and blog, Facebook, etc.), I get an insight into Silicon Valley culture and personnel, that as a Silicon Alley girl, I would never have.

In this Fast Company article, Robert discusses the Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku microblogging services and their applications in business. I’m on all three and use them each differently – but Twitter has my heart.

(Via Scobleizer.)

The End of Email?

Sharing with and messaging those non-Facebook (are there any left?) just got easier. Facebook now allows you to send messages to both your Facebook and Non-Facebook People(NFP) and save the NFP email addresses to your “friend selector”.

Of course, once these NFP get a taste of La Facebook, they will be sucked in like the rest of us. Part of the collective…

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Newsweek Article on Facebook

Facebook Grows Up: Can It Stay Relevant?

interesting article through the perspective of Newsweek (and it’s demographic) of Facebook and The Social Graph.

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