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Tagged – Eight Things for ‘08 Meme

I was tagged by Geoff Livingston for the "Eight for ’08" meme that’s going around.

So here it goes:

1. I lived in London for the better part of 4 years in the late 80′s/early 90′s and would move back in a second.

2. I have my Mother’s smile and my Dad’s gift of connecting to people.

3. I am a born and bred Jersey-Girl with an intense love for Bruce Springsteen.

4. My first crush was Bill Bixby on The Magician (before he was The Incredible Hulk).

5. I was cast in my first play when I was 9 – I was the Princess in an original production of "The Princess and the Bad Pea" about a spoiled brat. Go figure.

6. I will never forgive Chris Carter for killing the Lone Gunmen off the X-Files. Never.

7. I bought my first computer in 1992 (IBM P/S2) and my best-friend/roommate thought it would be a really expensive clothes rack in a week. Instead it was love.

8. I played guitar, flute, piccolo, piano throughout school, but took up the cello in the 5th grade because my Mother made me wear dresses every day – except on the day I had my cello lessons. Then I fell in love with it.

So that’s my eight things. Now I need to tag some people, so I’m picking , Laura Fitton, and  Deirdre Breakenridge. Can’t wait to see the responses!


It’s All About the Media Snackers!

I was tagged last friday by Geoff Livingston (who did a great video for his response). This meme was started by Jeremiah Owyang and has included amazing viewpoints from Connie Reece, Connie Benson, Chris Brogan, among others.

Jeremiah has also coined the term “micromedia” which is the perfect description of this social media subset.

Micromedia that I use:

- Twitter to update my network and co-workers on things I’m working on. Sometimes my updates aren’t such great content, but I’m really starting to focus on making them worth people’s time.
- Jott, which I use for mobile updates to my blogs, network and also to create reminders for myself.
- I send out short video messages on facebook (and I mean short, 20 sec or less).
- I’ve just started using Utterz this weekend while I was at PodCamp Boston. It allows me to update facebook, Twitter, my blogs, etc. while on the road.

To answer Geoff – I uttered this.

Thanks Geoff for giving me the opportunity to participate. I’m now tagging Aimee Kessler Evans, Beth Kanter (who had a fantastic session at PodCamp!), Angela Penny, Tamar Weinberg and Laura Fitton (another Twitter/PodCamp friend, who led a great session first thing Sunday morning – not the best time, but GREAT value).

BTW: Now is Gone – Geoff’s new book with Brian Solis – will be available in 14 days. He and Brian have also put together an accompanying podcast. Download it today.

EDIT: 10.31 (Happy Halloween!)

Angela Penny’s post

Beth Kanter’s answer

Tamar has joined in!

Thanks so much for participating!

Geoff Livingston – Facebook Marketing Primer

Now is Gone: Facebook Marketing Primer

Geoff Livingston has a great post in his “Now Is Gone” blog (his book of the same name, with Brian Solis of PR 2.0 fame, should be listed on Amazon soon) – Facebook Marketing Primer. In it, he discusses the different forms of marketing on Facebook, including Applications, community development and advertising.

I’m a big proponent of Facebook and Social Network marketing. I think that different demographics are using Facebook (and other Social Networks) in different ways. For example – I don’t know that many post-college adults would join groups for some companies/products (ie. pharmaceuticals/drugs) that might show up in their news feeds. I’m very much aware of the power of my network and what I want them to see. So how do you market to that demographic without it being intrusive?

(Via Now is Gone.)