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Gary Vaynerchuk’s GPD08 (Good People Day 08)

Gary Vaynerchuk,  is one of those amazing people who can motivate you and put you on a path to change your world in the space of 10 minutes (I saw this myself during the NYC Tech Meetup Monday Night). Whenever I need a shot of inspiration, I watch one of his videos and this passion and enthusiasm is infectious.

So yesterday, when Gary posted this video asking people to participate in “Good People Day 08″, I couldn’t wait – I have a long list anyway of people I’m grateful for. There are tons of others – Connie Reece, Jason Falls, Scott Monty to name three – but these are the people I check in with most often.

Chris Brogan – Chris gives like no one I know – knowledge, time and amazing hugs. He finds the time to check in when I haven’t been around for awhile and was exceptionally supportive when setting up His post inspired an experiment that still has a lot of my clients and potential clients talking, which is always good. I wish I could repay Chris for the constant push he gives me.

Laura Fitton – I’m so proud of Laura (@Pistachio). She has really come into her own this year – I think of her as our Social Media “It Girl”. I think her lifestreaming work is brave and so open. We’ve also developed a very cool friendship, which I treasure. She lives a huge life.

Geoff Livingston – Author, BlogPotomac organizer, Buisness Driver – Geoff does it all.  I’ve given “Now is Gone” to many of my clients and peers because it’s a fantastic primer for people wrapping their heads around the social media space. He’s agressive and smart – and our conversations make me smile. He’s a daily touchstone and a fantastic friend.

Jeff Glasson – I met Jeff at PodCamp Boston and have enjoyed his friendship ever since. Jeff and I send videos (Facebook or Eyejot) and he always brings a smile to my face. He smart and funny and has so much to contribute in any conversation. Jeff has a really subtle enthusiasm which is very winning and must really work well with his clients.

Britt Raybould – I met Britt at SXSW (thanks to Chris Brogan). She’s an amazing and focused person – much more than I was at her age – with a very clear perspective on what works for her and her clients. I wish I could find someone just like her for my team and I look forward to connecting with her again. It was great seeing things in Austin through her eyes and our conversation really gave me this new sense of excitement for what I’m doing.

So those are the people who have really made an impact on me this year – I feel lucky to have gotten to know them.

UPDATE: I love Laura’s (@Pistachios’s) point that “Good people are made” and that people should work to do this for themselves. Belief in yourself, as well as validation from others, is key from going from “Good” to “Great” – and who doesn’t want to be great?