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NYTimes: The New (Second Life) Economy

Even in a Virtual World, “Stuff” Matters – New York Times

The New Economy of a Virtual life…

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Book Learnin!

I’ve just started reading “Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business”, by Larry Weber.

The book talks about how he future of marketing is “a two-way street” ( and that you have to “communicate with, not at, customers”. I agree. Companies, especially large corporate entities, don’t own their brand or message anymore. Users will adapt, modify as they like (and sometimes give back) what they see on the web – it’s the ultimate communication mashup.

I do think that Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr (especially after video), YouTube and MySpace(for a time…) are increasingly important for any company’s marketing program. I think Second Life and other metaverses will have a strong part to play (look at IBM’s use of SL as an example of forward-thinking corporate managemnt).

Everyone’s a marketer, designer, blogger, etc. now. Soon the call to action won’t be “Embrace change…” – it’ll be far too late.

Epicenter – Wired Blogs

This is a Wired Magazine Throwdown, y’all!
Second Life and other metaverses started a marketing frenzy in some of the well-established brands, like Coke, IBM (who’s the model of Second Life adaption) and Starwood Hotels (I have a SL conference center for companies to be able to explore a SL event without investing in their own space). Here’s a link to a debate going on right now on Wired’s Blog about whether the facts in the original article, “How Madison Avenue is Wasting Millions in a deserted Second Life” are right.

Epicenter – Wired Blogs: ”

Zinger of a debate over biz in Second Life
By Nicholas Thompson July 27, 2007 | 8:27:46 AMCategories: advertising
Frank Rose has a sharp article in the current Wired: How Madison Avenue is wasting millions in a deserted Second Life, which Second Life reporter Wagner James Au didn’t much like. Rose however has now responded. The debate’s feisty, and quite interesting.

There’s also a good Valleywag’s post comparing Rose’s piece to another one in Newsweek.

(Via Epicenter – Wired Blogs.)