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October Events I’m Attending

There are a couple of events I’ll be attending in the next couple weeks:

October 16th – 17th: SMX Social Media in New York

Agenda Highlights: From the website
SMX Social Media will explore current opportunities and future developments, offering both fundamental and advanced panels on topics including:

- Social Media Marketing Essentials
- Linkbait – Chumming for Traffic on Social Media Sites
- Extra! Extra! The Social News Sites
- A Marketer’s Guide to Social Bookmarking & Tagging
- Effectively Leveraging Social Networking
- Evangelist – The Marketer’s Role in SMM

Full Agenda is here. I’m hoping to do some video updates, maybe some interviews and will definitely blog my impressions and do some live-Twittering!

October 16th – I’m hoping to duck out of SMX to attend NYC’s first Lunch 2.0 (great work Brett Petersel!) at

October 26-28th: PodCamp Boston 2
This will be my first PodCamp and I’m so excited to participate! I’ll be running around meeting people, learning about video, talking about Facebook and Second Life…and meeting great new people!

Here’s a list of proposed sessions.

I’ll be talking about PodCamp more as it gets closer.

So…who’s going to these events? Let’s make some plans!

NYTimes: The New (Second Life) Economy

Even in a Virtual World, “Stuff” Matters – New York Times

The New Economy of a Virtual life…

(Via Tristan Panasik.)

Book Learnin!

I’ve just started reading “Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business”, by Larry Weber.

The book talks about how he future of marketing is “a two-way street” ( and that you have to “communicate with, not at, customers”. I agree. Companies, especially large corporate entities, don’t own their brand or message anymore. Users will adapt, modify as they like (and sometimes give back) what they see on the web – it’s the ultimate communication mashup.

I do think that Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr (especially after video), YouTube and MySpace(for a time…) are increasingly important for any company’s marketing program. I think Second Life and other metaverses will have a strong part to play (look at IBM’s use of SL as an example of forward-thinking corporate managemnt).

Everyone’s a marketer, designer, blogger, etc. now. Soon the call to action won’t be “Embrace change…” – it’ll be far too late.

Epicenter – Wired Blogs

This is a Wired Magazine Throwdown, y’all!
Second Life and other metaverses started a marketing frenzy in some of the well-established brands, like Coke, IBM (who’s the model of Second Life adaption) and Starwood Hotels (I have a SL conference center for companies to be able to explore a SL event without investing in their own space). Here’s a link to a debate going on right now on Wired’s Blog about whether the facts in the original article, “How Madison Avenue is Wasting Millions in a deserted Second Life” are right.

Epicenter – Wired Blogs: ”

Zinger of a debate over biz in Second Life
By Nicholas Thompson July 27, 2007 | 8:27:46 AMCategories: advertising
Frank Rose has a sharp article in the current Wired: How Madison Avenue is wasting millions in a deserted Second Life, which Second Life reporter Wagner James Au didn’t much like. Rose however has now responded. The debate’s feisty, and quite interesting.

There’s also a good Valleywag’s post comparing Rose’s piece to another one in Newsweek.

(Via Epicenter – Wired Blogs.)