Category TechCrunch40 – A Profile Builder to Consolidate your Web Presence

One of the constant conversations in the web-strategist community is aggregating your online web presence. Profile Builder, one of the sponsors of TechCrunch40, has a product that “creates, manages and consolidates” this presence with their product.

I created my profil.e earlier today. There’s a wizard that quickly walks you through the process of setting up different modules, including About, Blogs, Links, Networks (which needs to expand), Video and others – there’s even one that you can customize with your own content. There’s tracking – so you can see who’s found/looked at your profile (although it seemed to count my editing process).

I did have some issues – I had to enter content a couple of times in some modules and trying to add the widget to my TypePad blog broke the template. It would be great to have the option to look at some completed examples to model your own profil.e on. It’s not always as intuitive as it could be. Also – how is this managing my presence if I can’t easily get it on my blog or Facebook? I’m going to keep experimenting with this and see how I can adapt it.

BTW – If you’re (lucky enough to be) attending TechCrunch40, stop by the ProfileBuilder booth and build your – you’ll receive a button that gives you the chance to win a MacBook(tm) or an iPod nano(tm).