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We’re an xPotomac Sponsor!



A couple of years ago I spoke at the last BlogPotomac – a Happy Capitalist in a sea of non-profits and government agencies – and had a blast, so I jumped at the opportunity to sponsor Geoff Livingston’s new conference, xPotomac.

xPotomac – where the Digital Future meets Business – will be held on February 25, 2013 at the Source Theatre in Washington DC. 8 sessions will be presented by the likes of Greg Verdino, Andrew Keen and Jennifer Cansalvo, in a tight format of 15 minutes per speaker and 30 minutes of Q&A. Sound fantastic, right?

If you’re interested – and you should be – today’s the last day to get 10% off ticket price using the code January.  There will be no February code, so if you have friends who are interested, now is the time.

So – come to xPotomac on 2/25 and make sure you introduce yourself! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Web Stategists Take Note!

Web Strategy: What the Web Strategist should know about Facebook

Jeremiah Owyang is the Director of Corporate Media Strategy at His blog, Web Strategy by Jeremiah has become one of my daily must-reads. In today’s post, he gives anyone working or interested in Web Strategy a primer on Facebook. How to get started, resources, etc. Anyone working in Web Strategy needs to be on Facebook and be part of the discussion.

Add me here.

Also – check out Jeremiah’s Web Strategy Show.

(Via Web Strategy by Jeremiah.)