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Joss Whelan’s Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Social Medley

I am a huge Joss Whelan – Buffy – Serenity fan – he’s imaginative, fun and I love the way he writes his female characters. This is a man who likes women. So I was exceptionally bummed when a studio passed on his Wonder Woman script.

Then out of the writer’s strike came “Dr. Horrible’s Sing Blog“, with Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. How does that not sound like a great time?

From http://doctorhorrible.net/

From http://doctorhorrible.net/

“Dr Horrible” is not a a new TV show or movie. It’s a streaming event, with the first Act starting today (7.15), Act II on 7.17 and Act III on 7.19. The free airings are only available until the 20th and then it’s the looonng wait (hopefuly not) to the DVD release.

Let’s talk social.

Of course this isn’t some indie production with no marketing budget relying on Word of Mouth to drum up interest. This is a guy with a devoted fanbase that will follow him anywhere and to any medium. So instead of the large, mega-ad campaign – they relied on that fanbase to spread the news:

Additional interviews and information is housed at Dr. Horrible.net.

So run, not walk to DrHorrible.com or buy the “season’s pass’ on iTunes – 7,926 Facebook , MySpace, etc. users can’t all be wrong…