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Pitch Refinery SJQ Scholarships


Great Speakers at The Pitch Refinery

Melissa Pierce (Disclosure: Melissa has work with SJQ in a few capacities, we’re big fans!) has created something incredible – The Pitch Refinery! This Chicago conference, on September 22nd and 23rd, focuses on teaching people how to tell the story of their business, by a fantastic slate of speakers and mentors.

It blows the hackneyed “Elevator Pitch” into the 21st century!

Pitching is one of the most important work that StrategyJQ does – it’s how we get business. And it’s never easy, but it could be easier and a lot more fun! 

SJQ has bought 2 VIP tickets as scholarships for The Pitch Refinery to make  available to people who really want to go, but may not have the resources right now. As per The Pitch Refinery Blog:

“There are two scholarships available. Scholarships are open to anyone whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, or just interested in refining your presentation skills. If you are able to travel to Chicago and attend Pitch Refinery September 22nd and 23rd, but were previously deterred due to the financial burden of ticket prices. Please apply for the Pitch Refinery StrategyJQ Scholarship. 

Apply here. Scholarship winners will be announced September 4th.”


This conference is going to be amazing, and now you have one less excuse. Go see what Melissa has created with The Pitch Refinery and make something great of your own!