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Greg Verdino: The Book Of Twitter Follows

From the Not column in the Dead or Not game, my crayonista collegue Greg Verdino brings you Genesis (the ProgRock group, Not Bible chapter):

Oh Phil Collins, you balding seer of online social networking.  How could you have possibly known that thirty years after Genesis released …And Then There Were Three… a band of raging Twitterati would be anguishing over who to twit and who to qwit? OK — technically speaking, Mike Rutherford wrote the lyrics to “Follow You Follow Me” and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thinking of Twitter, but I’ve got a soft spot for bald guys (or a bald spot for soft guys) so I hope you’ll let me off easy…Greg Verdino: Marketing, Media & Trends, Dec 2008

You should read the whole article. He goes on to talk about who he follows on Twitter and why. I’m always interested in people’s “Twitter Philosophies” (for lack of a more pretentious term) and I love seeing the rational behind who gets follow’d back – so how do YOU decide?

I don’t have a set criteria – I look at people’s profiles and tweets and try to see why they wanted to connect with me. Or if they bring the funny.

And as for Greg, well – was Genesis REALLY Genesis after Peter Gabriel left??